You can relax with us,and this is why:

Monitoring Solutions:

Monitoring Solutions:

Our 24/7 system monitoring solution helps ensure your system is running smoothly. It will even alert us if problems arise.



Solar power systems are very reliable, but we’ll take care of any repairs at no added cost if anything does happen.



Home protection guarantee - We take responsibility for restoring your roof in case of any damage that might occur during your system installation or removal.

Energy for you

Pay Less for your energy

Why consume energy when you can generate energy? With a Solar Works solar system, you can:

  • Get secure predictable rates - Utility costs tend to rise every year, but we let you lock in low predictable solar energy rates for years.
  • Save Money Now - Depending on the size of the solar system you choose to install, you can save an average of 50% of your electric bill or even eliminate it all together.
  • Increase your home's value - Studies performed by real estate firms have shown that adding a solar system increases a home’s resale value
  • Decrease your carbon footprint - protect the Earth, reduce your carbon foot print with a home solar system
  • Be Prepared For Power Outages

    Battery backup is Geo Solar’s solution to protect your family and your home from unpredictable outages. We have a range of solar systems for your home that are professionally installed so you can get value for your money.
    Our home solar systems include:

  • Rooftop Solar Systems - These are the most popular option for home owners because residential roofs usually have enough space and are well-suited for maximum energy production.
  • Ground Solar Systems - A ground mount solar system is ideal if you need a larger system than your roof will accommodate and have the available space on your property.

  • Learn more about our backup power supply solution HERE

    Switch to solar in 5 easy steps

    We make it easy to get your very own solar system.

  • Step 1: Get a free customized quote.
  • Step 2: Sign your agreement.
  • Step 3: We design your solar panel system.
  • Step 4: Schedule your 1-day installation.
  • Step 5: Turn on the power.

  • Switch your home over to clean, renewable solar energy today and start making savings

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