Off-Grid Systems

An off-grid system is a solar system that is independent of the electrical grid and it requires that the solar panels are able to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs of the buildling. Off-grid systems usually incorporate a battery (to store energy produced during the day) We offer off-grid systems most commonly in remote locations without utility service. Off-grid solar-electric systems operate independently from the local utility grid to provide electricity to a home, building or remote agricultural pumps, gates, traffic signs, etc. These systems use a battery bank (to store solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather) and can be used with a backup source of energy (like a generator). An off-grid solar system must be large enough to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs of the building. In all off-grid scenarios, electrical usage must be monitored and kept below the maximum output of the panels and batteries as there is no grid-source to supply excess power.

Some installations scenarios include:
  • Mobile Power e.g. portable solar power, vehicles, motor-homes
  • Buildings: Remote Off-Grid Buildings, Solar Water Heating
  • Water Pumping: Fountains, Solar Water Pumping - Boreholes, Wells, Cattle Watering
  • Ventilation: Solar Ventilation Kits
  • Remote Lighting: Solar Lighting Systems, Solar Powered Sign Lighting
  • Security: Electric Gates, Electric Fences, Alarm Systems, Solar Powered CCTV, Security Barriers
  • Commercial: Remote Solar & Wind Powered Communications, Remote Data Monitoring - Telemetry
  • Our Off Grid Product Range